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Paper Copy of Health Screening Questionnaire:
If students are not able to pre-screen using the online tool, schools must provide families with several copies of the health screening questionnaire so families can complete the questionnaire at home. If staff are not able to pre-screen using the online tool, staff should print and complete the health screening questionnaire for completion on a daily basis at home. Get a printable version of the health screening questionnaire:  
Messages For Families from the Chancellor.....
PS 32 March/April Newsletter
Dear Parents/Guardians,
There are many exciting events happening at P.S. 32 this month!!
Below you will find a snapshot of the upcoming events in date order. We look forward to seeing you virtually at all of these
Spring Recess begins the week of March 29, 2021 through April 2, 2021. We hope you and your family have a well-deserved
spring break!

Dates to Remember
3/01-3/22/21 PTA “Spring in Bloom” fundraiser
3/04/21 Parent/Teacher Conferences – ½ day for all students with an 11:00am dismissal
3/05/21 School Spirit Friday – Wear your clothes inside-out
3/12/21 School Spirit Friday – Wear green
3/19/21 School Spirit Friday – Crazy hair day
3/19/21 Monthly Craft Workshop
3/22/21 8:30am PTA Executive Board Meeting
3/22/21 9:00am PTA General Board Meeting
3/24/21 Monthly Parent Support Group meeting
3/26/21 School Spirit Friday – Dress up 90s day
3/29-4/02/21 Spring recess – no school
4/07/21 Deadline to register for Pre-K (on-line at My Schools.NYC)
4/09/21 School Spirit Friday – Wear blue for autism awareness
4/12/21 Records cards posted in your “My Student Account”
4/16/21 Monthly Craft Workshop
4/16/21 School Spirit Friday – Wear a P.S. 32 shirt
4/20/21-4/22/21 NYS ELA TEST – Grades 3-5
4/21/21 8:30am PTA Executive Board Meeting
4/21/21 9:00am PTA General Board Meeting
4/23/21 School Spirit Friday – dress up like your favorite character
4/23/21-4/27/21 NYS ELA MAKE-UP TEST
4/28/21 Monthly Parent Support Group Meeting
4/30/21 Deadline to register for 3K (on-line at My Schools.NYC)
4/30/21 School Spirit Friday – Wear crazy socks

Upcoming important dates:

5/04/21-5/06/21 NYS MATH TEST – Grades 3-5
5/07/21-5/11/21 NYS MATH MAKE-UP TEST
5/24/21-5/28/21 Virtual Field Day
TBA Virtual Dance Festival

Monthly Parent Support Group Meeting
Please join us for our monthly Parent Support Group meetings. These meetings will be presented by our school Psychologist
Dr. Tracy Poon, Parent Coordinator Michele Mancuso, and the occasional guest speakers. These sessions will provide you
with resources and helpful tips on how to help your child deal with anxiety, homework, peer pressure, etc. We will meet once
a month on Wednesdays at 10:00 am. Flyers will go out before each session with more information. I’m looking forward to
seeing you there! Please see the tentative meeting dates below:
March 24,  April 28,  May 19
Monthly meeting:
Our fifth monthly meeting took place on February 24, 2021. The meeting focused on remote learning tips for parents. Some of
the helpful tips included making sure children have resources to complete their assignments, setting and keeping a study
schedule, creating a daily plan, helping older children check their messages and communicate with their school, using school
resources, encouraging growth mindset and organizing a learning environment. Below is the link in connection with this
Helpful link

Crafting Workshops
You are cordially invited to join Ms. Spataro, Mrs. Mancuso and Krista Anderson, Leadership Team parent, for Virtual Parent
Activity Sessions. These sessions are for Parents/Guardians. We meet once a month on Fridays at 9:30 am. Flyers will go out
before each session. We look forward to seeing you there. Please see the tentative schedule below:
March 19, April 16, May 21
The New York State ELA and Math Test

The ELA State test is scheduled to take place on April 20-22, 2021. The Math State test is scheduled to take place on May 4-6, 2021. Extra academic support will be offered by your child’s classroom teacher in grades 3-5. The tutoring program is literacy and math based and will help students meet/exceed the State Standards. The tutoring program will be offered before school from 8:00am – 8:30am or after school from 2:01pm-2:31pm, five days a week (Monday-Friday) beginning April 5, 2021 through April 16, 2021 depending on teacher availability. For students who are attending in school learning, tutoring will take place in person with their teacher. For those students who are remote, tutoring will take place virtually with their teacher as well. It is a terrific opportunity for the students to receive extra help in order to increase their literacy and math skills. A parent letter is forthcoming.
Arts & Physical Education Programs

At P.S. 32, we strive to provide high quality lessons in the Arts to all of our students. Students in grades 1-2 are participating in
visual art classes with Mrs. Rifkin. Students in grades 3-5 are participating in theatre classes with Ms. Zee.
In addition, Mr. Hahn posts a video in each class's Google classroom to promote physical activity and physical literacy. The videos consist of weekly physical challenges and activities designed to practice skills related to Physical Education, as well as, activities to make sure students are moving and getting exercise, no matter if they are at school or at home. Along with Mr. Hahn's videos, additional workouts will be posted in the Google classrooms as well. Please use all of the videos and activities as many times as you would like to ensure that all students are staying active, moving as much as possible, and having fun throughout the remainder of the school year!

Spring Events

This spring we are excited to present our Virtual Dance Festival. Mrs. Zee will be notifying parents in the upcoming weeks. In addition, our Virtual Field Day will take place the week of May 24th- May 28th. Students will have the opportunity to participate in numerous events that can be done at home using household items. Students will track their results and submit a scorecard at the end of the week. All students that participate will receive a Virtual Field Day 2021 Certificate. We encourage all of our students to participate in our virtual Field Day. We will inform you if we can have some field day activities in the school yard for our in person learners. If so, all activities will follow the DOE health/safety guidelines. (More information will be provided as the events approach in May).

P.S. 32’s New School Website

We encourage everyone to visit our school website, for up-to-date information, important notices, access to your child’s google classroom and teacher’s email, parent and student resources, contests, PTA information and so much more! The website can be viewed in over 100 languages and is accessible to all.

Student Support

If your child is in need of any additional support, socially/emotionally, please contact your child’s teacher so that we can provide additional support early on to address his/her needs. If you have any questions or concerns you can also call Mrs. Rosenberg, Assistant Principal, at 718 984 1688 or e-mail her directly at

Translated Services

Michele Mancuso, Parent Coordinator, sends out a weekly robo call highlighting scheduled events. Parents will receive the calls in their preferred language. If you require a translator or have any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Mancuso at (718) 984-1688 x2191.

We will continue to work together so that our students can strive for excellence.

Nancy Spataro, Principal