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Special Academic Programs

Fall 2023
Dear Parents/Guardians,

Instructional Programs at PS 32!!!

Classroom teachers teach our ELA, Mathematics and Social Studies programs.

We are reading! We have an extensive ELA program, which is a Balanced Literacy and Student Centered Approach. It includes the implementation of writing using various Writing Genres. We utilize the Journeys Reading program school wide and Fundations, in our Early Childhood. In addition, we implement software tools, such as: Power Learning and Lexia school wide. Students school wide, also, participate in Socratic Seminar and shared inquiry. Every classroom has technology and leveled libraries.

We are problem solving! Our Envisions program covers all Mathematics standards and allows for students to explore and participate in hands on activities and productive struggles. Our Three Act Tasks provide a student-centered approach to learning using real life experiences and activities.
We are exploring! Our Social Studies program is incorporated into our Reading and Arts programs. In addition, we implement the State Standards using Passports.

We are moving! Mr. Hahn will lead our physical education program exposing students to units of study and sports, such as: basketball, hockey and soccer. He will incorporate healthy eating habits and mindfulness activities into his program, as well, to foster overall fitness and well-being.

In our school wide STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) programs, we continue to showcase students’ talents through their creations of project-based exhibits, presentations and performances. These programs are taught by the following teachers: Ms. Cerbone, our Performing Arts teacher, Mr. Galvin who teaches Lego Robotics, Ms. David, our Science teacher, as well as the classroom teachers.
Grades K, 1 & 5 Students in Grade 5 will have the choice of participating in either Theater or Lego Robotic Lego Robotics teams will be created giving the students the opportunity to collaborate and develop their ideas based on a specific challenge. They will also help to mentor our incoming Kindergarten students
Kindergarten students will participate in the Lego program for the entire school year.
Grades 2, 3 & 4 Students in grades two through four will have the opportunity to participate in Theater and Lego Robotics. Mid-year students in grades two through four will participate in a culminating activity to demonstrate their learning of either Theater or STEM and then switch to the opposite program for the remainder of the year, demonstrating their expertise in June. This allows for all students in these grades to receive both of these enriching programs.
We can investigate!! All students at P.S. 32 will engage in the Amplify Science curriculum taught by Ms. David. It is a curriculum that blends hands-on investigations/lab activities, literacy-rich activities, and interactive digital tools to empower students to think, read, write, and explore like real scientists and engineers.

We can dance!! Bringing our school community together for our annual school wide Dance festival will continue to be an enriching experience for our students. Our Fifth grade Dance team has been a wonderful addition to the Arts enrichment programs at P.S. 32 and will continue to perform throughout the year. Ms. Cerbone will be facilitating these programs.

We are enriched!! All of our Third through Fifth grade students will participate in a different Enrichment Through the Arts/Sciences (ETAS) specialty of their choice three times per year. Opportunities such as Literacy Games, Yoga, Math/Art Connection, Science Expo, and other programs are available.

We are the stars!! Our entire student body will participate in our Halloween, Thanksgiving and Multi-cultural Parades, as well as our Winter show. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Other programs, such as: Special Assemblies and Trips- i.e. Broadway shows, etc. promote STEAM awareness and enable students to experience a plethora of Arts programs and activities.

Our UAU, STEM/Chess, Stage Stars and Music Start afterschool programs provide students with an opportunity to participate in small group specialized activities as well.

        P.S.32 has been incorporating the STEAM into the curriculum for many years and we continue to find ways to expand our programs.

We look forward to an exciting and enriching 2023-24 school year!

All the best,
Nancy Spataro
Principal of PS 32