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Principal's Message


Dear Parents/Guardians,


There are many exciting events happening at P.S. 32 this month


Below you will find a snapshot of the upcoming events in date order.  We look forward to seeing you virtually at all of these events.


Students in grades 3-5 will be taking the NYS Math exam from May 3rd through May 4th. Also, the Fourth Grade Science Written Test will take place June 1st through June 3rd. We wish our students well.


This spring we are excited to present our Virtual Dance Festival.  In addition, our Virtual Field Day will take place the week of May 24th- May 28th. Students will have the opportunity to participate in numerous events that can be done at home using household items. Students will track their results and submit a score card at the end of the week. All students that participate will receive a Virtual Field Day 2021 Certificate. We encourage all of our students to participate in our virtual Field Day. We will inform you if we can have some field day activities in the school yard for our in person learners. If so, all activities will follow the DOE health/safety guidelines.  (More information will be forthcoming). 


Outlined below is a list of all of these events in chronological order to help you at a glance.


Dates to Remember



5/03/21-5/04/21                                 Grades 3-5 – NYS Test

5/07/21                                              School Spirit Friday – wear your favorite baseball shirt/jersey

5/13/31                                              School closed-  Eid Al-Fitr

5/14/21                                              School Spirit Friday – wear P.S. 32 attire

5/21/21                                              School Spirit Friday – dress your best formal attire

5/24/21-5/28/21                                 Virtual field day

5/28/21                                              School Spirit Friday - Wear Red, White, & Blue

5/31/21                                              School Closed – Memorial Day Observed

5/24/21                 7:00 p.m.              PTA Executive Board Meeting

5/24/21                7:30p.m.               Virtual PTA General Meeting - Elections        




6/01/21-6/11/21                                 4th Grade – Written Science Test

6/03/21                                              Anniversary Day – No students in attendance

6/04/21                                              School Spirit Friday – Wear mix/match clothes

6/07/21-6/11/21                                 Pre-K events (information to follow)

6/08/21                                              Clerical Day – No Students on Attendance

6/11/21                                              School Spirit Friday – Wear tie-dye

6/14/21                  8:30am                  Virtual PTA Executive meeting

6/14/21                  9:00am                  Virtual General PTA meeting

6/16/21                                              Tentative In-Person Kindergarten Stepping Up Ceremony

6/16/21                                              Tentative Virtual Kindergarten Stepping Up Ceremony

6/18/21                                              Tentative In-Person Kindergarten Stepping Up Ceremony Rain date

6/18/21                                             School Spirit Friday – Wear P.S.32 Clothing

6/21/21                                              Tentative 5th Grade Graduation

6/24/21                                              Tentative 5th Grade Graduation Rain date

6/25/21                                              Last Day of School – 11:00am Dismissal


Monthly Parent Support Group Meetings


Please join us for our last monthly Parent Support Group meeting on May 19th at 10:00 am. This meeting will be presented by our school Psychologist Dr. Tracy Poon, Parent Coordinator Michele Mancuso, and the occasional guest speaker.  This session will provide you with resources and helpful tips on how to help your child deal with anxiety, homework, peer pressure, etc.  Flyers will go out before each session with more information.  I’m looking forward to seeing you there! 


Our sixth monthly meeting took place on March 24, 2021. Mrs. Coraci, our ENL teacher, presented information on the NYSESLAT exam. This year, New York State will be administering the New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT) to all in person ELL students. If your child is fully remote, and you would like your child to take the NYSESLAT, you have the option of bringing your child to school to take the test.  As of now, the dates have not been scheduled yet, however, we will notify you of the testing dates as soon as they become available. 

Our seventh monthly meeting took place on April 16, 2021.  Mrs. Coraci reiterated information regarding the NYSESLAT exam this year to all in person ELL students. She also reminded parents that if your child is fully remote, and you would like your child to take the NYSESLAT, you have the option of bringing your child to school to take the test.

If you would like to practice for the NYSESLAT with your child you may visit: http://www.p12.nysed.gov/assessment/nyseslat/samplers/home.html 

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like your remote child to take the exam, please reach out to Mrs. Coraci at: CCoraci@schools.nyc.gov


Crafting Workshops

You are cordially invited to join Ms. Spataro, Mrs. Mancuso and Krista Anderson, Leadership Team parent, for our last Virtual Parent Activity Session on Friday, May 21 at 9:30 am.  Flyers will go out before the session. We look forward to seeing you there. 



Student Support


If your child is in need of any additional support, socially/emotionally, please contact your child’s teacher so that we can provide additional support early on to address his/her needs. If you have any questions or concerns you can also call Mrs. Rosenberg, Assistant Principal, at 718 984 1688 or e-mail her directly at jrosenberg1@schools.nyc.gov.


Translated Services


Michele Mancuso, Parent Coordinator, sends out a weekly robo call highlighting scheduled events.  Parents will receive the calls in their preferred language.  If you require a translator or have any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Mancuso at (718) 984-1688 x2191.


Appropriate Attire

We would like to remind parents to please follow these guidelines as the weather gets warmer:

              Students should not wear tank tops or short shorts to school

Students should wear shoes that will allow them to run in the schoolyard and the gym (no high heels, flip flops, open sandals, etc)


We will continue to work together so that our students can strive for excellence.


Have a safe and enjoyable summer.

Nancy Spataro