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Promotional Policy




The city has been implementing new performance standards in all grades over the last few years.  The Department of Education’s promotional policy is directly related to these standards and the city and state test scores.  The categories for the grades reflect the new standards.  The specific skills listed in each subject will give you a good idea about how your child is progressing toward meeting grade level performance standards.

Grades are determined according to: Observation Checklist, Literacy Rubrics,

Running Records, Math Rubrics, Unit Tests,

City & State Standardized Tests and Portfolios.



Grades are cumulative based on performance standards and incorporate the following considerations:

Test Scores - Unit tests and those prepared by the teacher

Class Performance -Applications of learning and participation

Independent Assignment - Research projects, book reports and extra credit and/or I.E.P. Goals

Homework - Completion and quality



For all academic areas the grades are numbers from 1 to 4. 

These numbers can be interpreted as follows:

4-Exceeds the standards

3-Meeting Standards

2-Approaching Standards

1-Far Below the Standards


The report card indicates how your child is progressing toward achieving the standards at the end of the school year.  A grade of 4 in the second marking period may not mean that your child has already exceeded the end-of-year standards, but that your child is progressing at a pace to exceed those standards by June. 

PLEASE NOTE: As per District guidelines regarding READING AND MATH, a child must be achieving at least one year above grade level for an Exceeds the Standards (4)


Grade K: (Distributed in November, April and June) 

The kindergarten report card addresses primary subjects, secondary subjects, social skills, work and study habits and behavior. 

Alphabet Mastery (recognition and sounds)

Numbers/counting Math Skills

Motor Skills                           Following Directions

Verbalizations                      Social Skills  


Grades 1-5: (Distributed in November, April, and

June).  The Grade 1-5 report card addresses primary subjects, secondary subjects, social skills, work and study habits and behavior. 



Students, in Grades K-5 who exhibit severe delays in reading and math, are in jeopardy of being

retained, in the current grade. The Chancellor’s Promotional Policy will be followed.