PS 032 - The Giffords School
232 Barlow Avenue, Staten Island, New York 10308
Phone: 718-984-1688

Contact Information

Main Office  
(718) 984-1688

Main Office Fax Number
(718) 227-5736

School Nurse 
 (718) 227-9786 

PTA Office  
(718) 605-1241

Parent Coordinator
(718) 984-1688

School Assessment Team (718) 948-8010


Nancy Spataro

Assistant Principals:

Jodi Rosenberg

Evy Schultz

Jennifer Doren

Helpful Websites
Manage your child's lunch account from home!

You can put money into your child's lunch account by visiting!
Click Here for the Common Core Library's family page

Dates to Remember...
September 13
Meet & Greet
Curriculum Conferences

September 21 & 22
School Closed
Rosh Hashanah

October 9
School Closed
Columbus Day

November 7
No Students
Election Day

November 16
1/2 Day of school
 Parent-Teacher Conferences 

​November 23 & 24
School closed 

School Closed 12/25-1/1/18​
Winter Recess

January 2
Return to School

February 16-23
Midwinter Recess

March 15
1/2 Day of School
Parent-Teacher Conferences 

March 30-April 6
Spring Recess

May 28
School Closed
Memorial Day
Parent Resources
For Middle School Admissions Process  please click here.
For Middle School Fair Information  please click here.
5th Grade Parent Resources
2nd Grade
Common Core Resources

Please see our Leadership Committee dates, location and time.
December 5
January 23
February 6
March 6
April 3
May 1
June 5
Location: Library
Time: 3:41-4:41 pm
Handicap accessible accomadations are available.  Please call us at 718-984-1688.
3rd Grade